Erosion Control & Silt Sock

At J. Lipani, we offer a variety of options when it comes to erosion control to help your turf stand up to the elements.


Our easy to install, environmentally friendly silt socks come pre-filled with 100%-recycled organic material and will help you to minimize erosion by allowing water to flow at a steady, controlled rate while preventing the passage of fine soil particles.

The sock’s innovative design ensures that full ground contact is made, preventing water and sediment from flowing underneath it. In addition, the lower profile of our filter socks can make your job site more easily accessible and aesthetically pleasing.

Various sizes of filter sock can be filled, palletized and shipped directly to your job site, and many contractors are also discovering that the socks are effective for multiple uses.


erosion-blanketErosion control blankets are ideal for protecting emerging seedlings from both precipitation and overland flow while speeding up vegetation growth in areas with a low-to-moderate risk of erosion.

All of our blankets are designed to break down after a period of time once the vegetation’s root systems have grown robust enough to prevent erosion on their own.


In addition to our filter sock and erosion control blankets, we also offer a variety of soil amendment options to help prevent erosion and create the ideal conditions for vegetation growth.

To learn more about our range of soil amendment options, contact us via telephone or by filling out the form on our “Contact Us” page.