teraseedJ. Lipani is proud to offer our customers the innovative Terraseeding™ process as made available by Express Blower trucks for your next seeding project.

The Terraseeding™ system allows us to inject a finely calibrated blend of seed, fertilizer, and granular additive into the air-flow stream of the mulches, soils, and composts from our trucks.

Terraseeding™ has a wide variety of applications from residential lawns and native landscapes to golf courses and athletic turf. It can also be used to create organic erosion control blankets and compost berms for sediment control.

Through the use of our blower trucks, all of our Terraseeding™ projects can be completed in a timely manner. Terraseeding™ performed by our skilled operators will ensure that the growing media makes full contact with the existing surface, filling in depressions and irregularities and creating a smooth, attractive surface.

Contact one of our knowledgeable representatives today to see if Terraseeding™ is the right choice for your next project.