Mulch Installation

mulchIn addition to our sod and seeding products and services, J. Lipani also offers our clients throughout Ontario the area’s best mulch products and installation.

In addition to the aesthetic appeal that mulch can add to your property, it can also improve the growing conditions for your lawn and other vegetation by conserving moisture, reducing soil temperatures, inhibiting weed growth, and improving the fertility and overall health of the soil.

At J. Lipani, we’re capable of providing our customers with exceptional value when it comes to mulch installation thanks to our state of the art blower trucks. In contrast to many of our competitors, we are able to install mulch with a fraction of the manpower. This results in a significantly lower installation cost, as well as less foot and wheelbarrow traffic to the surrounding area, minimizing the damage to the existing lawn.

We perform mulch installation projects of all sizes, from residential applications to commercial, industrial, and even municipal projects.

For a free consultation on your next mulch installation project, take a moment to fill out the form on the “Contact Us” section of this site, or contact us via one of the telephone numbers listed on the same page.