Sod Farms & Installations

For over half a century, J. Lipani has serviced clients throughout Ontario with high-quality sod, grown in the fields of our family farms in Queensville.


Our experienced crew will deliver your sod directly to the job site within hours of harvesting, where they will quickly, efficiently, and safely install your new turf.

At J. Lipani, our industry-leading sod production and installation practices allow us to provide contractors, landscapers, and home builders with an affordable way to avoid soil erosion and the problems that come along with it, while simultaneously establishing a beautiful lawn that will add to both the curb appeal and financial value of any home.

For our commercial, industrial, and institutional clients, our sod is an ideal surface for a variety of applications including lawns, golf courses, and sports stadiums.

In addition to its aesthetic appeal, sod also provides numerous other benefits, including heat reduction, improved air and water quality, and can even help to prevent floods by allowing water to drain more easily.

Whether you’re looking to repair a small portion of your turf or install a brand new lawn or field, J. Lipani has the knowledge and experience to satisfy all your sod sales and installation needs.