J. Lipani Turf Group offers a wide range of hydroseeding options to fit all of your project’s needs.


Hydroseeding — also known as hydraulic mulch seeding — is a planting process involving a slurry of seed and mulch sprayed over a prepared soil surface. Today, hydroseeding has become one of the most cost-effective methods of revegetation, and is widely employed as an erosion control technique for construction sites.

Thanks to the fluids and fertilizers present in the slurry, hydroseeding is less demanding in terms of watering and is therefore better able to withstand high-wind and drought conditions, as well as being less susceptible to washout than broadcast sowing.

Additionally — for especially steep grades and other conditions that increase the risk of erosion — we are able to add special tackifying agents to ensure that both your seed and the soil beneath it remains in place. We also provide a wide range of seed mixtures for all types of soil conditions and different levels of light exposure.

Our hydroseeding services can help you to produce grass growth in as little as one week at significantly lower costs than traditional sod installation.